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Matic has strong a competence in media-dedicated solutions, which we have proven with a number of successfully completed projects in that area.  That part of our portfolio includes IT infrastructure and software solutions for media production, post-production and digital archiving processes. 


The key solutions Matic offers to media companies include:


Disk arrays and tape libraries

Our specialised media solutions allow lossless storage of audio and video content used in the production and editing processes. The unique solutions implemented by Matic provide quick multimedia access without unnecessary delays and ensure the right quality for each stage of the production process or broadcasting channel. More

Digital archives

We build archives of digital information, such as documents, email, video or photo resources. We digitize archives and deliver the infrastructure and the applications used to process the archived data, including sharing them, categorising and managing, or analysing the statistics of their use in the individual channels. More

Document flow and process management systems

Dynamic changes in business processes call for robust tools capable of handling such challenges. With the document flow and process management solutions implemented by Matic on the foundation of leading world-class technologies, enterprises can rest assured their flexibility will grow across all their business areas, even if their key systems, such as SAP, remain unchanged. The numerous successful projects on which we have built our experience in that field prove that a completed implementation of a solution of that type can add a lot of value. More


Integration buses

Service-based architecture is a must in the present business reality, which requires that any process changes, and the consequent changes in the services and systems integrated with each other, must be implemented quickly, or the competitive edge is lost. Matic responds to that challenge by implementing the flexible and easy-to-deploy integration buses. They shorten the time it takes to complete the process change down to hours, while cutting a large portion of the related cost. More



Reporting tools (BI)

We offer practical data analysis and data warehousing solutions, which give business users easy and virtually unrestricted access to their company's data. They are particularly useful in broadcasting commercial breaks across multiple user access channels and in integrating data on the number of viewers. We perfectly understand the value of data reporting and aggregation logic that synthesizes the vast heterogeneous datasets — which can be of internal or external origin — and presents them as dashboards and indicators, which can then be used to draw real-life conclusions and make informed decisions that enhance the business. We can implement such solutions in combination with dedicated hardware and integrated data processing software to maximise the rate of access to large volumes of data. More


Matic offers a comprehensive range of solutions for media:
Critical infrastructure and information protection
Operations technology and IT forensics

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