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Matic SA has been operating on the Polish IT market since 1990. We specialize in delivering advanced information technology services and solutions as well as systems vital for national security and defense. Our offering is especially tailored to the needs of institutions of public administration, uniformed services and the enterprises which operate in strategic industries.


MATIC SA Stand at the MILIPOL PARIS 2023

MATIC SA Stand at the MILIPOL PARIS 2023

On November 14-17 this year, representatives of MATIC SA took part in the MILIPOL PARIS 2023, which were organized in Paris, France. MILIPOL PARIS is a leading event for internal security under the patronage of the French Ministry of the Interior. It is an official...

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Implementation at the UODO

Implementation at the UODO

  In 2022, MATIC SA implemented in the Personal Data Protection Office (UODO) comprehensive protection of access to the LAN network - NAC (Network Access Control), together with the DDI system (DHCP/DNS/IP Manager), from the Czech manufacturer NOVICOM. NOVICOM...

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