research and development
(R&D) projects

From the beginning of its existence, Matic SA has been carrying out intensive research and development (R & D) in the field of advanced computer technologies and IT.

Running research and development projects allows us to create innovative products, thanks to which our clients gain an advantage, and we are a valued and reliable business and scientific partner.

Due to the emphasis which the company puts on research and development activities, a department dedicated to the creation and development of innovative products has been created in Matic SA. Its activities include research and development: on data optimization systems, in particular the use of large data processing elements in the process of criminal analysis. Our team includes high-class specialists in the field of business analysis and technical engineers as well as experienced programmers working in various technologies. The systems developed by our R & D department are based on the best IT practices, thanks to which we can be sure that the solutions created will be able to meet the requirements while maintaining a high level of efficiency and optimized performance requirements. In order to meet the modern trends in information technology, we place great emphasis on mobility, giving users the opportunity to use resources in a convenient way, anytime and anywhere. Within the department there are, among others, such works as:

  • Development of systems for the analysis of financial flows, standardization of transaction data and advanced financial analytics to counter economic crimes
  • Work on business process optimization systems, in particular the use of artificial intelligence elements in systems ensuring process improvement and modeling and forecasting of phenomena
  • Work for systems of information integration in passenger air networks
    for the implementation of state security processes
  • Developing analyzes on threats and cybersecurity in mobile communication –
    in particular using the GSM network and smartphones

Matic’s SA R & D activity is often carried out in cooperation with Polish and foreign technical universities and commercial companies, which results in patents, publications and presentations at scientific conferences of company employees, including specialist knowledge in the field of information technology.