Implementation at the UODO



In 2022, MATIC SA implemented in the Personal Data Protection Office (UODO) comprehensive protection of access to the LAN network – NAC (Network Access Control), together with the DDI system (DHCP/DNS/IP Manager), from the Czech manufacturer NOVICOM.

NOVICOM has been successfully delivering the AddNet (NAC/DDI) solution to the European market for almost 30 years, which is already available in our country, because MATIC SA is NOVICOM’s largest partner in Poland.


The NOVICOM AddNet System consists of two main modules:

  • NOVICOM AddNet NAC – Network Access Control – a solution based on the 802.1x protocol, protecting the LAN against unauthorized access. Along with protection against unauthorized access, this system also allows you to protect the LAN against the spread of ransomware threats, multi-stage verification of users and computers, immediate response to a threat detected by AddNet or another security system used by the client, full cooperation with SIEM systems, detection and layer 2 threat response, and more.
  • NOVICOM Addnet DDI – DHCP/DNS/IP Manager – a solution supporting and automating the work of network administrators. It is fully integrated with the Addnet NAC module, uploading and downloading real-time information and using it to automate the administration of all LAN elements. This system also has the functionality of monitoring users’ activity on the network with a full history, visualization of the location of a given computer on building plans at the moment and in the past, and many others, relieving IT teams in everyday administrative work.