Passenger Name Record (PNR) – Passenger Name Record data is personal data provided by passengers and collected and stored by air carriers. They include the name and surname, date and travel route, seat number, luggage, contact details and payment method.

The Directive 2016/681 prepared by the European Parliament and the Council (EU) is intended to regulate the transmission of such data to the law enforcement authorities of the Member States and the processing of such data for the purpose of preventing, detecting, investigating and prosecuting terrorist offenses and serious crime.

From 25 May 2018, the transfer of PNR data by air carriers is mandatory. Carriers who fail to meet their PNR transfer obligations will be subject to sanctions, including financial penalties.

Matic SA has developed an IT support system PNR GO – consisting of servers and software supporting the sending of PNR data to the appropriate units in individual countries of the European Union.

The solution developed by us is dedicated to air carriers servicing intra-EU and non-EU flights.

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On 07 January 2020, Leon Software introduced integration with PNR GO, ensuring full compliance with PNR data.

Leon’s integration with the PNR GO platform of Matic SA creates a completely new level of process automation for aviation companies that want to remain in compliance with EU law.

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