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Tape libraries

The volumes of data stored in electronic format is growing at an unprecedented rate. More and more firms and organisations switch to electronic document flow and process workflow and order increasing numbers of tasks online using electronic mail, which means processing huge amounts of daily business data.


If the nature of your business requires occasional access to large volumes of information recorded a long time ago, or if the legal regulations you are bound to comply with require that you keep your data intact and untampered with for many years, you need dedicated archiving equipment. Devices of that type can be based on optical storage technology, magnetic tapes or special disk arrays, all of which differ from each other in their operating parameters.


The tape libraries we offer meet the most stringent reliability and quality standards, ensuring the best security of the data stored.



Value for Customer:


Tape libraries still remain the most popular solution for storage of large volumes of data. The reason for that is their relatively low price and the customers' trust based on long years of their use by countless organisations, both public and private.





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