IT infrastructure_

Software tools

Matic's proposal of IT infrastructure solutions, operating systems and databases is supplemented with a range of valuable software tools.


The software products we offer have a multitude of applications, including:

  • efficient management of the existing IT infrastructure,

  • diagnostics,

  • network and server monitoring and ongoing supervision of other infrastructure components,

  • development of business applications based on the technologies we deliver, e.g. a database.


The software tools offered by Matic have been developed by the world's leading vendors of IT solutions and are perfectly interoperable with the hardware, operating systems and databases you use.



Value for Customer:


Based on our many years' experience in implementing and operating IT systems, Matic can professionally advise you on your choice of software tools, taking such factors into account as your hardware architecture and your business application needs.


The software will boost your IT organisation's performance, which shall consequently improve the overall effectiveness and reliability of all your business services.




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