IT infrastructure_

Operating systems and databases

Smooth operation of IT solutions is not just a matter of the right hardware. It is also impacted by the choice of operating systems and databases, which need to be selected smartly to ensure the desired performance and reliability.


We provide full implementation and support of the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows Server systems, selected for the specific solution and size of organisation,

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a commercial, reliable and secure variety of the open source Linux OS, with affordable access to upgrades and support,

  • IBM AIX, a Unix class operating system installed on IBM servers, known for its performance, security, reliability and stability,

  • HP-UX, an operating system that ensures uninterrupted operation, high security and accessibility of critical systems.


We implement database environments based on Oracle, IBM and Microsoft technologies.


Matic delivers an end-to-end implementation service, from discussing system requirements with the customer, to selecting the optimal solution, to its complete deployment and support.



Value for Customer:


By choosing Matic as your business partner for system development, you get a guarantee of the excellent quality of the products and services we deliver, backed up with the years of our implementation experience. Finally, you benefit from our attractive pricing.



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