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Disk arrays

It is a common practice for modern enterprises to store their data on disk arrays, as that type of storage solution ensures high reliability and offers a lot of flexibility in storage resource management, while at the same time it is known for improved protection against hardware failures.


The design of disk arrays, which leverage multiple physical disk drives at ones, enables exceeding the limits of capacity of a single such device. Virtualisation of array storage resources enhances their usefulness even further, as it allows allocating dedicated disk space of specific parameters to multiple servers at once. The physical redundancy of disk arrays protects it against hardware failures. Sophisticated logic implemented in such devices can back up data internally or remotely, to arrays located hundreds of kilometres away, without consuming any server resources.



Value for Customer:


Disk arrays are must-have for any large corporate IT system but they are also found useful and can bring business advantages in small companies. The key benefits of using disk arrays include:

  • Reduction of costs related to maintaining a large capacity of distributed storage, as disk arrays enable a more efficient allocation of resources, thus reducing the amount of physical disk space required

  • Increased performance, as disk arrays take over some workload from the server's CPUs

  • Security and high availability due to the protection mechanisms offered by RAID logic, redundancy of key array components, local backup features, error detection and correction, and remote monitoring features


We offer disk arrays from the leading world-class vendors, including IBM, NetApp, EMC, HP, Hitachi and Huawei, which means we can warranty for the best quality of those products.


The Matic team will help you select the optimal hardware for the size of your system and for the volume of data to be processed, and with your system performance requirements in mind. We will implement it swiftly and provide you with technical support and the maintenance services you need.





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