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Backup systems

Today information is one of the most valuable assets of each enterprise. That is why it is so important to choose the right backup system and the right partner to implement it, as it is those two choices that the security of your data — and, consequently, the security of your entire business — depends on.


Matic offers leading vendors' solutions for quick and secure centralised data storage and archiving, which can be adapted to the existing business requirements and the infrastructure in place. We offer end-to-end data security software from EMC (NetWorker), IBM (Tivoli Storage Manager) and Symantec (Veritas NetBackup, Backup Exec).


Value for Customer:


We have many years of experience in implementing data backup systems. Matic has been entrusted with that type of projects by public institutions and private enterprises. We can guarantee choosing a solution that will suit your needs best. We will implementing it quickly and provide you with professional support.


A correctly selected backup system will protect your data against the majority of incidents, including hardware theft, fires, floods, reinstallation or human error. In case of a fault, operation of IT solutions can be resumed promptly and no data is lost.




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