Data management and analysis_

Data transformation and cleaning solutions

Matic offers the following data management solutions:

  • Extraction of data from source systems
  • Transformation of data to the desired target model
  • Data loading to dedicated warehouses
  • Implementation of data cleaning and validation rules
  • Creating metadata specifications and rules for describing source information


The solutions we offer in that area are based on IBM Infosphere, SAP DataServices, and QlikView and selected open source products. The high performance of those technologies ensures efficient operation of the systems we implement, regardless of the number of data sources or the volume of the information processed.



Value for Customer: 


Working with increasing volumes of information is unavoidable for many branches of economy and a growing number of enterprises.

Whether it's manufacturing, marketing or sales, understanding the growth of the amounts of information is key to improving the business. An efficient implementation of ETL tools enables big data processing using input from numerous sources and a proper transformation and aggregation of that data, which in turn helps to turn data into meaningful and conclusive information which can be used in the daily decision-making. 




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