In our work, we follow a number of universal values:


Security and Stability

Our primary concern is our customers' security, both in technical and in business terms. When you choose Matic, you choose a stable and well-managed company with many years' tradition. The solutions we offer are based on mature and proven technologies supported by global industry leaders.



We always strive to understand the true needs and expectations of our customers, and then we do our best to make sure that the solution we deliver exceeds them.


Ethics and Integrity

In our work, we always follow the rules of business integrity, ensure the transparency of all actions we takeand are aware of the importance of understanding of the practical business goals that need to be achieved. 


Technological Excellence and Innovation

At Matic, we follow a continuous competence enhancement programme. Information technology is the area of knowledge which requires perpetual learning. We are aware of this, which makes us an organisation which keeps up-to-date with the latest technological achievements and offers solutions with significant added value, which you can leverage to be a successful competitor in your business. We have our own in-house development team, which is also responsible for research and development.


Economical effectiveness

The solutions we offer to our customers are always cost-effective. We understand your needs, which enables us to minimise your costs while maximising the practical value of the information technologies we implement for you.



We are prepared to work under your time regime, rather than requiring that you adapt to ours. We understand that implementing IT solutions calls for excellent planning, cooperation and commitment, and that achieving the expected return on investment is directly dependent on meeting the time-to-market assumptions for the solution implemented.



At Matic, our goals are always convergent with yours. We do not accept obligations that would restrict us from offering our customers the solutions and services we find best for them.

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