Quality is the foundation of the solutions and services we offer. It is an inherent part of the system of values of every Matic employee. The history and culture of our organisation, our focus on efficiency, stability and the effectiveness of the solutions we offer, our internal quality standards and the certificates we have obtained from our external partners, as well as our cooperation with renowned global leaders in ICT solutions translate into measurable, practical value our customers benefit from, and the IT solutions which produce a high return on investment and build the value of our customers' companies for years to come.



Matic has a quality assurance system confirmed with ISO 9001:2007 and 9001:2009 quality management system certificates.
Matic holds a first class Industrial Security Certificate, which means we have the competence that enables us to secure information processing in the areas that are critical to state security and in strategic enterprises. 



With our unique organisational structure and the competencies of our staff, which is confirmed with third-party certificates, you can rest assured of the best quality of the products and services delivered by Matic, whose best confirmation are the references we have been receiving from our satisfied customers.

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