Integration and implementation of solutions_

IT tools for sales processes in logistics

Sales Force Automation tool for wholesale logistics can be used in all settings where individual price quote must be combined with the promptness of proposal presentation.


Our portfolio includes a solution dedicated for the needs of the logistics industry, which offers the following features:

  • requests for proposals cab be uploaded to the system using mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets) directly from the customer's site,
  • instant insight into the requests submitted and the ability to create proposals in the system based on the requests,
  • approval of prices and discounts by line managers and sending them to the customer using the electronic document flow system
  • control over the entire process and the individual employees using convenient views and reporting tools available in the application's user interface
  • automated flow of information from the tool to the company's internal systems, such as CRM or ERP.


The software features electronic forms which are populated with default content typical for the logistic industry, such as Incoterms, desired dates of receipts and deliveries, places of loading and unloading, or the required customs documentation. Of course the application can be customised to the requirements of the business processes in place at your organisation.


The key functions available from the system are as follows:

  • Requests for proposal can be submitted in the proper format using the telephone, tablet or laptop
  • Electronic document flow that supports the entire process, starting from the moment of request submission, through price calculations, to approval and proposal submission to the customer
  • Proposal documents can be generated online and sent directly to the customer's email address
  • Product catalogue management (quotation calculator)
  • Creation of requests and proposals based on previous calculations
  • Online monitoring of specific process KPIs
  • Creating reports for line managers
  • Integration of ERP and CRM systems data (its automated to and export)
  • Managing tasks and monitoring the work assigned to each individual employee involved in the sales process
  • Managing application users. Creating and deleting accounts at any moment (this feature should be accessible to authorised individuals only)
  • Managing the proposal parameter dictionaries and templates.


The software has been developed with the intention of minimising the time needed to prepare a proposal and making that task as easy as possible.



Value for Customer:


Our Sales Force Automation software can help measurably increase the performance and quality of work and reduce the time spent on customer service activities, which directly translates into an increase in your service sales revenue. There is a number of specific benefits offered by Matic software:


  • You minimise the time spent handling customer enquiries and requests. Our application reduced the total time consumed by the process to the time needed to create a proposal based on the request. All other actions take just a single click.
  • In order to accelerate work even more, we introduced the capability to create proposals using archived ones, which means that in some cases producing a new one will boil down to modifying a couple of values in the application.
  • The software gives you full control of the sales process, as it offers you the ability to track the offer preparation time and their status. In addition, it has become very easy to check employee efficiency thanks to the built-in reporting module.
  • We guarantee prompt execution of the implementation project and provide an option to integrate our product with other IT systems you use in your organisation.

The software has been implemented and is used in the daily operations by the world's leading logistics name – DHL.

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