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Electronic mail systems

Electronic mail is a key system of every enterprise or organisation. It is one of the primary channels of communication, both the internal and the external one. Recently email systems have been extended by a number of additional features intended to make them better collaboration tools. In addition to the traditional electronic mail systems, we deliver a rich set of supplementary solutions:

  • instant messaging features (chat),

  • simple 'virtual team rooms' which support forum discussion, internal group communication and document sharing,

  • advanced discussion groups that enable knowledge transfer within the organisation,

  • highly secure mobile access for tablets or smartphones.



Value for Customer:


Reliable solutions for internal and external email communication are often a key pillar of the enterprise's business. Matic solutions ensure a number of benefits:

  • Electronic mail operates efficiently, securely and reliable across the entire enterprise, regardless of the type of users' client devices or the quality of network connections

  • In addition to email, users can also communicate (chat) in real time to handle simple matters quickly (they can see at a glance which colleagues are online at any given moment)

  • The system we implement will support a broad exchange of information and enable transfer of knowledge among your staff, both as part of specific issues or dedicated projects, or within internal task groups

Having a state-of-the-art electronic mail system will boost the performance of your entire organisation.




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