SIEM solutions

Matic delivers and implements QRadar, a SIEM solution from IBM.


QRadar consolidates and combines security incident data from thousands of Client's distributed devices and applications. Next, it instantly correlates the raw data to distinguish the real threats from false alarms. The software can optionally be integrated with IBM's Security X-Force Threat Intelligence online platform, which provides lists of IP addresses that are potential sources of attacks, such as hosts running malware, spam mailers and other threats. IBM Security QRadar SIEM can also link security vulnerabilities to incident data and the organisation's network activity to help determine the priorities for the security incident response team.


IBM Security QRadar SIEM:

  • Provides near-real-time updates of the current security status, helping in threat detection and prioritisation, and thus facilitating monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure
  • Limits the number of alerts and assigns priorities to them, effectively short-listing the security incidents that require investigation
  • Helps increase the efficiency of threat detection and enables responding to them effectively, while also serving as a source of detailed reports on user access and activity
  • Provides smart protection to cloud environments
  • Generates detailed reports on user's access to data and user activity, helping achieve compliance.



Value for the Client:

  • Improved ICT network security
  • Reduced incident response team workload
  • Improved attack detection rate and reduced system penetration by intruders
  • Lower risk of financial losses and reputation damage




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