Critical infrastructure and information protection_

Distributed firewalls

The Radiflow products we implement have been designed and developed specifically use in the ICT systems which require an increased level of security.


A distributed firewall is a solution which consists in replacing the switches that serve critical nodes of the organisation's ICT network with Radiflow devices, which operate as switches and additionally monitor the content of the network traffic. Whenever any anomalies are detected that can be a symptom of a intrusion or network infiltration, the solution will detect and block the specific type of traffic and notify the security team.

It must be noted that distributed firewalls have also been found to perform well as protection against internal threats, i.e. ones originating with the company's own employees or contractors



Value for the Client:

  • Improved ICT security level
  • Detection of suspicious communication across the entire distributed automation network, regardless of the traffic source or direction
  • Enhancement to traffic controls in the industrial automation network
  • Protection against internal threats 





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