Critical infrastructure and information protection_

Data diode technology

We are a provider of Waterfall's hardware solutions, which secure communication between two networks in a way that prevents any potential cyberattack. 


The solution implements the data diode technology, where the device installed in the protected network features a transmission module only and the other one, which is installed in the other network, is equipped with a receiver module only. This enables truly secure transmission of data from the more to the less protected network.



The solution supports numerous communication protocols and is interoperable with a range of industrial automation systems, such as:

  • OSIsoft PI, PI AF, GE iHistorian
  • AspenTech IP21, ClearSCADA, Ovation, SINAUT, R*Time
  • File transfer
  • Log file transfer
  • Message queue (MQ) type of data buses



Value for the Client:

  • Improved security level
  • Capability to transmit data securely between the business network and the industrial automation network




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