Critical infrastructure and information protection_

CCTV video footage analysis

Thanks to its unique compression technology, BriefCam's solution offered by Matic can dramatically shorten the time spent on searching for relevant pieces of video footage.


The algorithm implemented by BriefCam automatically detects and selects objects that move or transform in the video image, immensely facilitating and speeding up the footage analysis process. For example, a 24-hour recording can be reduced to a 5-minutes video! The software engine separates the background from moving objects captured and displays them along with their time stamp.


Features and benefits:

  • Dramatically shortened viewing time needed to discover objects of interest
  • Search for objects by colour, size, speed and direction of movement
  • Filter objects by path of movement, area, time and other indexable parameters
  • Analyse multiple video recordings simultaneously, create bookmarks and streamline team work



Value for the Client:

  • Reduce the effort and time required to view and analyse video footage
  • Support for all video recording formats
  • Detection of previously overlooked incidents (reduced risk of overlooking an incident)
  • Shorter time needed to draw actionable conclusions
  • No need to integrate the solution with CCTV systems
  • Support for multiple simultaneous investigations, bookmarks and sharing among team members (ver. FS+)
  • User-friendly and simple




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