SIG-INT sensor for aircraft (manned and unmanned)

We offer a compact SIGINT DF sensor that extends the set of features of tactical aircraft by adding radio surveillance and direction finding capabilities.


The core module of the STELLA system with 6 coherent DF channels operates in an unusually broad frequency range from 100 to 3,000MHz. It is connected to the antenna of the operator's choice, which can be replaced in the field if necessary thanks to its easy-to-use, robust latching mechanism. 


The STELLA direction finder determines the bearing and the altitude of the source of the signal. The reading of the position and the orientation of the aircraft allows instant calculation of the position of the transmitter. The finding is automatically assigned to it and kept up to date.


Our STELLA offering includes ground control features and the intuitive application that features a 3D map and visualises the position of the aircraft and the transmitter of the signal tracked, the flight route and terrain profile, as well as a choice of measurement tools. Each flight can be recorded and its recording replayed for the subsequent debriefing and mission analysis. 


STELLA can be integrated with a variety of different types of aircraft, both manned and unmanned. The sensor can be connected both to standard network interfaces as well as to those used exclusively in UAVs.


Specifications overview:

  • 6-channel DF receiver
  • Frequency range from 100 to 3000MHz

  • Automated direction finding (DF) and geolocation

  • Weight: 4-5kg only (depending on antenna equipment)


    Core module dimensions: 255 x 120 x 160mm

  • Optional adaptation of the data interface

  • Robust design

  • Clearance for operational use


Value for the Client:

  • Ability to identify the source of radio transmissions in tactical applications
  • Additional source of in-mission operations intelligence useful e.g. in border protection missions



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