Protection against UAVs

The virtually unlimited accessibility of commercial UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to general public is a source of new, previously unknown threats. The number of incidents with drone activity in proximity of key infrastructure, over military grounds and in no-flight zones set up for the safety of the public is clearly on the rise.


It is just a matter of time when a commercially available drone is used for a terrorist attack as a carrier of explosives or of a biochemical agent. A small commercial drone has become the new potential type of improvised explosive device (IED).

In response to those threats we offer our clients a system designed to detect drones and protect against them. Available in a mobile or fixed version, it can be used to guard a specific zone of substantial area or a protect a facility or installation.


Key system features

  • Real-time detection and alert
  • Active counteraction and defence
  • Surveillance footage recording and incident reporting
  • Centralised incident log



Value for the Client:

  • Protection of military bases, airports, sea ports and checkpoints
  • Protection of convoys and fleets
  • Protection against espionage and airborne cyberattacks
  • Protection of critical infrastructure, military facilities and installations
  • Protection of borders
  • Protection of government or embassy buildings
  • Protection of VIPs and convoys
  • Prison perimeter security



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