Mobile surveillance mast

We offer a mobile surveillance mast which consists of an unmanned aerial platform powered by cable from a ground-based module equipped with a combustion-engine driven power generator, which enables numerous hours of uninterrupted observation.


źródło: Prezentacja SKS na MSPO 2015


The power supply cable is also integrated with fibre-optical signal cable for platform control and reception of data streams from its sensors, e.g. high-resolution video feed. The aerial platform can be powered and controlled from a vehicle, such as a pick-up truck.


Depending on the version, the platform can ascend to 50 or to 100 metres. It can be started and landed within a couple of minutes and is extremely easy and intuitive to operate.


źródło: Prezentacja SKS na MSPO 2015

Operation consists in initiating the platform's start and landing after the surveillance mission has been completed literally with a single press of a button and operator training is unbelievably brief. It is worth noting that the solution can be used under variable weather conditions and while the platform is airborne, the vehicle can move with a speed up to 40 kph without a need to interrupt the surveillance mission.


The platform can carry a variety of different sensors, such as CCD/IR cameras, radars, laser designators, radio transmitters, mobile telephony antennas or COMINT or ELINT sensors.


The collected data can be distributed in real time to a variety of recipients using the built-in broadband communications link.


The mobile mast does not emit any electromagnetic signals and generates a relatively low noise level, which makes it perfect for missions in which minimising the signature is key.


źródło: Prezentacja SKS na MSPO 2015

Key applications:

  • Protection of borders
  • Battlefield reconnaissance
  • Sea port security
  • Offshore surveillance
  • Anti-terrorist operations
  • Police operations
  • Operations of special forces, infantry or navy
  • Protection of critical infrastructure
  • Disasters, such as fires or floods
  • Protection of forests
  • Public events, protection and supervision of mass gatherings
  • Riots and unrest in urban area


Value for the Client:

  • Improved reconnaissance capabilities and better situation awareness
  • Ability to act by surprise in response to the changing tactical situation and mission requirements
  • Mobility, speed and flexibility of operation (compact size)



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