Air situation visualisation systems

Challenges of modern air traffic control


Both in military and in civil aviation, traffic control requires precise knowledge on the position, direction, speed
and identity of all airborne aircraft. Obtaining such a comprehensive picture of the present situation requires continuous processing and application of the data supplied by radar systems. Air traffic control staff keep monitoring the airspace based on air corridor information, flight plans, no-flight zones and countless other details, each of which can
change at any given moment. Not only does the ability to predict such changes increase the safety but has significant business value as well. 


A solution which predicts aviation incidents

SIA-AIR is a comprehensive solution designed to provide instant snapshots of air situation and prediction of its development, intended for use by the civil and military air traffic control staff. Its features and strengths include:

  • Ability to work with a broad range of sensors
    and sources of information
  • Simulation, recording and replaying the courses of events for the purposes of their subsequent detailed analysis
  • Monitoring and 3D GIS visualisation of broad streams of data in real time to enable detection of potential anomalies
  • Flexible warning and reporting logic that gives advance warnings of events still before they occur.



Value for the Client:

Developed using the sophisticated analytical engine of the TARAN suite, SIA-AIR is a solution which aids air traffic control organisations to increase their efficiency. The solution:

  • automates detection and reporting of potential incidents,
  • discovers anomalies in advance and wins the time needed to respond and avert them,
  • significantly improves detection rate compared to manual processes,
  • saves the valuable time of expert staff, who no longer need to go through large volumes of data and can be assigned to reports analysis and qualification tasks



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