MATIC SA implements project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Operational Program

The project implemented as part of the National Center for Research and Development contest: Fast Track

Project title:

Development of a tool to combat financial crime in business transactions based on innovative methods of processing and visualizing large data sets

Aim of the Project:

Development of a significantly improved product dedicated to fighting financial crime in business transactions – mAnalyser2, based on innovative methods of processing and visualization of large data sets.

Description and Planned effects of the Project:

The subject of the project will be conducting R&D works, as a result of which a product innovation will be created on an international scale, in the form of a significantly improved product – based on
3 innovative modules of the mAnalyser2 system, dedicated to fighting financial crime in business transactions. The developed system will allow a radical reduction in the time of financial analysis, shifting the burden of analysts’ work from loading and harmonizing data to their actual analysis using technologies based on 3D visualization performed using graphics processors, supported by the results of social network research and embedded expert functions.

The product will be addressed to the domestic and international market, to recipients of public institutions fighting economic crimes.

The proposed solution does not have direct competition – there are no solutions with a similar level of complexity and functionality currently not available from other manufacturers, and the result of the project itself will be the answer to the diagnosed, unresolved problems related to combating economic crime, which has evolved in recent years.

The goal of the project will be achieved through the implementation of R&D works on the development of innovative system modules based on technologically advanced solutions such as flexible mechanisms of data filtering and modeling, algorithms for analyzing large data sets or mechanisms for their visualization enriched by the knowledge of experts in the field of economic crime.

The results of the project implementation will be implemented by the Applicant within 3 years
of completing the work by implementing the results of work in their own activities

Date of implementation: years 2020- 2022

Project value: PLN 7 197 195,00

Contribution from European Funds: PLN 4 318 317,00