Operations technology and IT forensics_

Signal intelligence (COM-INT) and BIG DATA processing

Support for the full data acquisition cycle for electronic reconnaissance and intelligence activities using TARAN.


Ground-breaking changes in the modern communications
Communication means exchange of information. The volume and the structure of communication have undergone unprecedented changes in the recent years, revolutionising it. Information exchange has turned electronic in a most unpredictably abrupt and surprising way. Even voice communication is becoming digital in its format. Telecoms have built structurally unified data and voice transmission networks, and social networks and instant messaging have become significant communication channels.


New challenges in acquisition of reliable intelligence data
The traditional means of communications, such as phone landlines, mobile or satellite phones and military radio communications are nowadays increasingly often replaced by IP-based solutions. One of the consequences of this ongoing change is the vast diversity of the communication protocols that need to be correctly parsed if the valuable information they are used to transmit is to be captured. Investigating groups of sources or complex networks unavoidably brings even more challenges about.


Target monitoring calls for new tools
Once targets have been found and identified, their effective monitoring is impossible without the ability to access and analyse multiple sources of information at the same time. For example, limiting surveillance to mobile telephony communications may result in overlooking some parts of communication of critical importance to the understanding of the target's actions and intents. In order to avoid this, new means, methods and techniques need to be implemented, such as a broad variety of sensors, correlation of events from diverse sources, powerful communications content analysis tools and extremely complex data analysis and filtering capabilities.


Finding a needle in the data haystack
While following and monitoring the targets which have already been identified is a challenging task, identifying new targets or potential threats entails going one step further, as it often requires extracting raw data from selected sensors. This, in turn, frequently means a need to process vast amounts of data that has to be interpreted with smart filters and sophisticated models that enable finding the desired bits of information. It may also require the use of data streaming mechanisms that allow linear scaling regardless of the information volume.


Power of BIG DATA analytics and processing tools
Together with Schoenhofer, Matic integrates the highly specialised tools for data traffic analysis, in-depth content analysis and complex correlation of events with the latest IT technologies that are the power of the architecture of the solution, whose features include:

  • unlimited sensor connectivity, covering all existing information acquisition sources
  • scalability that ensures the ability to manage large data volumes, both at present and in the future
  • end-to-end support for monitoring and reliability in distributed installations



Value for the Client

The unique combination of top-notch analytical solutions and enterprise-class data processing tools enables us to provide our clients with truly comprehensive intelligence and reconnaissance solutions: from the raw data from the connected sensors to the full real-time picture of the intelligence situation; from mobile tactical teams to large analytical centres where the information from multiple sources is combined. With its unsurpassed supervision, reconnaissance and intelligence performance, TARAN redefines the decision-making process.




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