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Investigative analysis systems

Matic delivers and implements i2, a comprehensive intelligence analysis system from IBM. IBM i2 is a family of products which combine their rich analytical potential and visualisation features with real-time information sharing capabilities.


The solution helps analysts and intelligence teams at all stages of investigation. IBM i2 products are flexible, secure, easy to implement and user-friendly. They are used both in simple and in complex environments for identification, prediction and prevention of organised crime, corruption, terrorists and economic crime, such as fraud.


IBM i2 intelligence analysis tools provide effective visualisation, analysis and advanced data access features. This means spending less time on data processing and increases the time available for its analysis. The flexible data model and the visualisation environment, combined with a rich visual analytical toolset, aids the user in building a variety of analytical views of the same data. More emphasis can be applied to the structure of relationships, or one can focus on the chronology of events.

IBM's i2 intelligence analysis solutions have become a standard in the development of intelligence and investigative analytics worldwide. The platform's flagship product, Analyst’s Notebook, is currently in use in more than 150 countries and has been localised to 18 languages (including Polish). i2 offers extremely flexible tools designed to map and transform information imported from structural or non-structural data sources and stored in a centralised repository. Once the information has been modelled into a unified format, users can reach for data management tools to identify duplicate data and discover convergence with data sources which had so far been considered unrelated.



If your organisation has a need to analyse heterogeneous data, present results of your operations, organise information or benefit from easy access to the existing data sources, IBM i2 shall be your correct choice.



Value for Customer:


Implementing i2 can give you the following benefits:

  • Improved effectiveness in identification of conclusions and mapping relationships between events, people and organisations
  • Significant reduction of the time spent on intelligence analysis
  • Better results in discovering data relationships which had not been previously noticed by investigators based on predefined patterns of pathological behaviours



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