IT infrastructure_

Servers and systems

Servers are of fundamental importance. They are the heart of the enterprise's entire IT system.


The choice of the right type of server depends on its intended purpose. For example, application servers will differ in their specifications from database ones.The machine's desired parameters also depends heavily on the how much resources, including cache, the systems and the applications to be run on it will demand. The role of the server and its required parameters, in turn, will help determine the optimal hardware platform — whether it is going to be an INTEL, RISC or a Blade server.

The choice of the appropriate server for the tasks it is going to be used for with the remaining part of the technology and the systems that form the infrastructure cannot be underestimated. Quite often the server's physical resources, performance and even the operating system can impact the final success of the entire IT project. The characteristics of its hardware architecture — its reliability, flexibility and efficiency — are the make-or-break factor for the organisation's key applications, which are often critical for business continuity of the entire enterprise, as is the case with ERPs.


With its in-depth expertise built over the years of work with the products of the leading IT vendors, such as IBM,  Fujitsu Siemens, HP  and CISCO i Huawei, Matic guarantees a correct selection of your server or group of servers for your specific application.



Value for Customer:


Choosing Matic, you can rest assured that the hardware selected for your needs meets all the applicable requirements, including that of affordability of price. We will select the right vendors to ensure the best quality and reliability of our solutions.  Our experience in implementation projects and server and system maintenance is your guarantee of quick project completion and steadfast support. Our close partnership with the leading manufacturers means significant discounts from catalogue prices.




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