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Integration buses

In the present times it is difficult to find a business area not supported with any IT system. Enterprises typically use software from many different vendors and systems of different architectures. On the other hand, the business calls for business process unification and requires transparency of the underlying IT systems. In order to be able to take full advantage of the existing resources and meet the expectations of the business users – for example, enable unrestricted information flow from system to system – all the heterogeneous systems must be integrated with each other.


Matic offers implementation of integration buses in enterprises. As part of that service, we deliver:

  • preliminary analysis of system reorganisation and integration options, taking a service-oriented approach (SOA), cloud computing and legacy systems into account

  • integration bus deployment and implementation

  • service and API development and setup

  • testing and launching the implemented bus in the production environment


Value for Customer:


Automation of data flow between systems brings a number of benefits:

  • Improved coherence of the existing business processes

  • No need to copy or adapt data manually between isolated systems

  • Improved cooperation between the organisation's units that use different specialised systems in their work

  • Accelerated change process and better flexibility of operations due to eliminating the need to implement changes in all downstream systems every time it is changed in one of the environments.


Implementing an integration bus in the enterprise results in an increase in effectiveness of its business processes and in a long-term reduction of IT-related costs. We offer solutions from Cordys, IBM and RedHat, which are the leading vendors of that type of products. An integration bus in place can often protect the company against the substantial costs of changes as would otherwise be necessary in legacy systems, such as SAP, while it helps taking the quality of the company's processes to a new level and ensure efficient exchange of information across the organisation.





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