Integration and implementation of solutions_

Document flow and process management systems

Matic offers end-to-end document flow and process management solutions (BPMS).


We provide:

  • business process modelling and pre-implementation analyses (BPMN)

  • implementing business process management systems (BPMS) and integrate them with your legacy systems

  • document scanning systems, including both the hardware and the optical content recognition software modules (OCR)

  • collaboration solutions (with particular focus on document flow and approval, e.g. in payable account approval applicable to cost invoices, business trip accounting, holiday leave request approval, etc.)

  • support for the document flow related to customer service processes

  • e-office systems, including digital signature systems with PKI authentication and HSM encryption modules

  • document repositories, document templates, procedures for specific document flow related activities



Value for Customer: 


Automating your business processes in the document flow area gives the following direct business benefits:

  • Improved organisation flexibility – if proper tools are implemented, the change of the document flow in the company can be introduced at the business administration level with a few clicks within hours after the change decision is made.

  • Better ergonomics and improved productivity – migrating from paper documents to electronic ones increases productivity of individual employees involved in the workflow.

  • Reduced operating costs due to the improved productivity.

  • Faster case resolution in the organisation and increased transparency, which makes it feasible to implement process metrics (KPI)




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