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Reporting tools (BI)

Business intelligence (BI) solutions enable consolidating data supplied by a variety of the organisation's IT systems and facilitate obtaining the knowledge needed to analyse that data. In addition to quick monitoring of key performance metrics (KPI), BI reporting tools also support developing extremely complex reports concerning specific needs of the users. Their results can be presented in a visually attractive way by means of all sorts of charts and diagrams. In an attempt to address our customers' expectations, we have built a rich portfolio of BI solutions, including without limitation:


IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence provides reports, analyses, dashboards and score cards, which are helpful in getting an understanding of business results. Users are free to explore information, analyse key facts and conveniently discuss their decisions in groups of people interested in the specific issue.



Pentaho is an open source product which offers a complete range of Business Intelligence solutions, including reporting, data analyses, dashboards and data integration. 


Sybase iDashboards

iDashboards is a software product developed specifically for the business users who need to have their datapresented in the form of dashboard panels. It helps utilising the company's information resources better by providing a detailed yet legible and personalised real-time visualisation of the key data. iDashboards indicators are updated live and integrate well with the existing data environment, which significantly improves the company's performance.



QlikView is used by IT experts to develop comprehensive tools for in-house business analytic work, which have recently become more useful to businesses than at any other point in the past. At the same time, the product ensures data security, 


quality and control.


All those sy

stems can be used on mobile devices, giving you access to your reports anywhere and anytime.




Value for Customer:


Implementing a business intelligence system can bring the company a number of measurable benefits, including:

  • The time saved on searching for the data needed for your desired analyses and on consolidating it
  • Performing extremely complex analyses that are hardly feasible with traditional tools but are extremely useful when drawing conclusions and taking the right actions beneficial for the organisation
  • The ability to access to the necessary data and calculations at any place and any time (the tools support mobile and real time access to their calculations) allows taking the right decisions quickly
  • A clear visual presentation of the data makes it easier for the employees and teams to communicate with each other. It also aids drawing conclusions and formulating objectives.
  • The elegant and interesting format of data presentation can make the company's results look more convincing, which is useful both at internal meetings and at external events.






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