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High-performance databases and hardware solutions

In extreme cases, transaction processing systems must handle dozens of thousands of concurrent users and still ensure ultrafast continuous performance while operating on standardised cost-effective platforms.


We are ready to face the requirements and challenges of data storage and transaction systems and offer our customers powerful database systems from industryleaders: SAP/Sybase, IBM and Oracle. Our range of products includes Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) and Sybase IQ systems, as well as such hardware solutions as IBM DataPower, Oracle Exadata and Neteeza.


IBM Data Power

IBM WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI52 is a network device which operates within a single platform as a typical transformation, integration and message routing engine that does not disturb the system's operation or has any significant impact on network performance. The use of such dedicated equipment makes the entire solution easier to use, ensures its high scalability and helps limit the complexity of the infrastructure, cut the operating costs and improve performance.


WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance XI52:

  • enables using new and legacy services with the network appliance that serves as a security and integration gateway and was developed with easy installation and high security level in mind. The appliance acts as a bridge between multiple protocols and converts them at the speed of the available network connection;

  • simplifies connectivity, as it offers conversion between any combination of formats and data-aware routing;

  • helps supervise the data and achieve compliance by enforcing the applicable strategies and controls;

  • provides advanced security features.

Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)

Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) is a solution designed with large corporations in mind. It is a relational database management system intended for heterogeneous IT environments. Its most common implementations include information portals, distributed transaction systems, XML and network services. It provides an access technology and data transmission capabilities, can handle distributed transactions and requests exchanged by Sybase databases and other vendors' database products.


As a key enterprise-class database management system, Adaptive Server Enterprise is used by 24 of the 25 top global banks and by 46 out of the 50 largest global banks and insurance companies. It is known for its high reliability, best performance and the low total cost of ownership.





Sybase IQ

Sybase IQ is a Business Intelligence solution. It is an analytical server optimised for use with data warehouses and management information applications. Designed for efficient analysis of large volumes of data, Sybase IQ features the patented Vertical Partitioning technology. IQ is a so-called column database (CODB), which stores data in columns (separately in each column) rather than in rows (or records), as in case of conventional DBs. This approach allows extremely fast handling of complex, unplanned queries. Moreover, Sybase IQ does not require the time-consuming and expensive fine-tuning to maintain a high query processing efficiency.

All those features have been recognised by the solution's award-winning popularity, supported by more than 1,800 customers and 3,200 projects worldwide, praises from the industry's leading analysts, media and experts and the results of independent tests.


The Sybase database was awarded a Guinness record certificate for the largest data warehouse in the world: One Petabyte of Raw Data Holding Six Trillion Rows of Transactional Data (Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000, BMMsoft Server).



Value for Customer:


The key benefits include:

  • high system performance and scalability – the solutions enable advanced IT systems to achieve levels of performance ranging to
  • millions transactions per minute on terabyte-sized databases, while retaining a constant rate of growth of the processed data volume and the number of transactions (linear scalability).
  • savings, primarily obtained as a result of implementing Sybase IQ, finally allow finding the funds for faster, more effective and cost-efficient reporting and management information systems


  • limited operating risks – the systems offered ensure IT systems security in the most vulnerable areas, such as data security, system stability and recovery. In addition, the solution is known for high availability and security at the database level, without any need to modify the applications;


  • improved resource utilisation and effectiveness – the systems use the hardware resources effectively and minimise the unutilised resource areas, which translates into high efficiency without a need to use expensive hardware products. Database administration costs are also significantly reduced due to the fact that those systems require their administrators to spend substantially less time on their maintenance compared to other leading vendors of database systems, which require advanced tuning of both the hardware and the operating system;


  • reduced IT overhead –we can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your systems by reducing the cost components related to licensing, implementing, maintaining and updating the database system. The low final cost is achieved thanks to the affordable price of the licence and the advantages offered by the software as such, which does not require costly hardware and minimises the cost of its administration and maintenance;


  • quick access to information - with our solutions in place, customers can analyse their operating results, detect fraud, measure the outcomes of their marketing activities, manage their relations with their customers and keep finances under control in ways that had been beyond their reach before the implementation;


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