Data management and analysis_

Data warehouses and industry-specific models

We offer products and services related to designing, developing and implementing data warehouses.


The products we use come from the most renowned vendors:

  • Databases: IQ Sybase, DB2 IBM, MS SQL
  • Appliances: Netezza IBM, HANA SAP, Oracle Exadata
  • ETL: IBM InfoSphere, MS SQL Server Integration Services, SAP NetWeaver BW
  • BI: Cognos IBM, QlikView, Pentaho, Idashboard, Jasper


We deliver complete data warehouse projects or work on their selected areas:

  • Data marts
  • Analytical and reporting layer
  • ETL - data sourcing and conditioning (improving its quality and coherence, data profiling) prior to its loading into the warehouse


Designing a data warehouse requires developing a data model, which serves as the logical foundation for the warehouse and has material impact on its quality and performance. We offer a selection of industry-specific models (e.g. for banking and insurance, public institutions, industry, healthcare), which allow leveraging good practices that apply to the specific sector and saving on time.


We recommend considering the use of appliances, which are complete self-contained data warehouses that combine the hardware, database and the necessary software, including BI, into a single product. They are a great choice for many applications, as they are known for their extremely high performance, short deployment time and relatively low TCO.

BI toolsets: we offer practical data analysis and data warehousing solutions, which give business users easy and virtually unrestricted access to their company's data. At Matic, we perfectly understand the value of data reporting and aggregation logic that synthesizes the vast heterogeneous datasets — which can be of internal or external origin — and presents them as dashboards and indicators, which can then be used to draw real-life conclusions and make informed decisions that enhance the business.


Value for Customer:


Entrusting a data warehouse development project with Matic offers the following benefits: 

  • Selection of the best components for your data warehouse architecture, based on your specific needs,
  • State-of-the-art technologies,
  • Implementation of products from renowned vendors,
  • High database performance, optimised for the specific data model and your functional, analytical and reporting needs.




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