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Matic offers a number of solutions developed with the specific requirements of utilities companies in mind. They include systems and applications that aid the production and transmission of energy and the distribution of energy, gas or water. They aid managing the relationships with industrial customers and consumers and assist companies in managing waste and in launching new Multiutility business areas. Matic also supports the processes related to management, ongoing maintenance and development of distribution networks, which we know to be of central importance to the utility sector. We can present and introduce the SmartUtilities concept to a public utility company and implement state-of-the-art tools needed to make it work.


The key solutions Matic offers to energy companies include:

Consolidation of IT infrastructure

We optimise and virtualize hardware, work with data centres and assist in increasing performance and capacity of the company's infrastructure based on the needs of business applications. More

Industrial disaster modelling and risk management

Together with our Partner we offer a unique solution for end-to-end risk mitigation for the utilities sector. The solution has three components: (1) a system which can be used to identify and model risks based on cause-and-effect logic, as well as a failure results modelling tool for the entire plant, e.g. to model the consequences of explosions, leakages or fires, (2) a 3D emergency trainer, which allows practicing operator behaviours required under specific contingencies, and (3) an emergency management module composed of checklists and facility behaviour models. More

Reporting tools (BI)

We offer practical data analysis and data warehousing solutions, which give business users easy and virtually unrestricted access to their company's data. We perfectly understand the value of data reporting and aggregation logic that synthesizes the vast heterogeneous datasets — which can be of internal or external origin — and presents them as dashboards and indicators, which can then be used to draw real-life conclusions and make informed decisions that enhance the business. More


Document flow and process management systems

Dynamic changes in business processes or implementing new sales segmentscalls for robust tools capable of handling such challenges. With the document flow and process management solutions implemented by Matic on the foundation of leading world-class technologies, enterprises can rest assured their flexibility will grow across all their business areas, even if their key systems, such as SAP, remain unchanged. The numerous successful projects on which we have built our experience in that field prove that a completed implementation of a solution of that type can create a lot of value for the company. More

Matic offers a comprehensive range of solutions for utilities:
Critical infrastructure and information protection

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