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We specialise in information technology, communications and electronics solutions designed for state defence and security purposes. We develop methodologies, technologies and tools for:


  • risk analysis,
  • threat simulation,
  • strategic planning,
  • protection of critical infrastructure,
  • secure exchange of information.


Our company holds the required certificates and licences that confirm our trustworthiness as a supplier under contracts which require the increased SECRET security clearance.



The key solutions Matic offers to its customers of the security sector include:


Investigation and analytical systems

Those analytical solutions are used to correlate events and find connections between facts based on data originating from multiple sources, e.g. from communications systems, financial data or state-owned databases. More


Data protection solutions

Data protection solutions include data transmission and storage encryption devices used in disk array systems, examination of exposure to external attacks or measures of protection of internal networks. More


GSM network security solutions

Together with our Partner we can provide our customers with equipment which ensures confidentiality of transmissions in GSM networks, hardware security solutions that can be used to protect them against unauthorised interference or interception of their transmissions and in location tracking solutions based on GSM signal. More


Systems for crisis management centres

Data integration and presentation solutions are indispensable at crisis management centres,  as they integrate information obtained from a variety of sources, such as monitoring systems, fire protection systems, SCADs, alarms, linear protection systems or external data sources, e.g. weather forecasts or the information announced in the media. Their features include tools for monitoring and management of emergency response actions that involve deployment of diverse types of forces, service staff or enterprise units. The use of such systems substantially improves and facilitates coordination of such operations. More



Matic offers a comprehensive range of solutions for security:
Critical infrastructure and information protection

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