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Public administration

Our solutions for public administration enable optimising the legacy IT infrastructure, improving integration of processes at public institutions — both central and local — and increasing the effectiveness of their operations, while reducing the costs of maintenance. As part of our ICT offering, we also implement broadband networks in local authorities.


The key solutions Matic offers to public administration customers include:


Digital archives

We build archives of digital information, such as documents, email, video or photo resources. We digitize archives of government documentation and deliver archive processing infrastructure and applications. More


Solutions designed to support HR processes

We offer tools which facilitate periodical evaluation of staff employed at central or local government institutions. Implementing the solution saves time by enabling a better organisation of appraisal procedures and ensures full legal compliance. More


Infrastructure solutions

We optimise and virtualize hardware infrastructure, work with data centres and assist our customers in increasing performance and capacity of their IT systems based on the needs of their business applications. More


Data management and analysis (BI)

We offer data analysis and presentation solutions that can be used to monitor processes, search for fraud or supply statistical data. More


Matic offers a comprehensive range of solutions for public administration:
Critical infrastructure and information protection

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