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Chemical & heavy industry

Solutions for chemical companies and industry are one of our primary business areas. Over the 20 years of our market presence we have gathered unique expertise in that sector, which allows us to offer a range of dedicated IT solutions tailored to its special requirements. We are the industry's partner in dedicated industrial risk management systems, manufacturing execution systems (MES), supply chain optimisation, automation and contract billing systems on the energy market. Our solutions enable our customers to achieve measurable business results by cutting their costs.


The key solutions Matic offers to the chemical and heavy industry include:


Managing energy and gas supply contracts

The expanding deregulation of the market of energy and gas supply, which often accounts for a major part of manufacturing costs, is a strong driver of change in that area of corporate operations. Matic has developed dedicated solutions designed to improve the business performance in that field and to prepare the enterprise for future changes in legal regulations. Matic's software solutions for the gas supply market are interoperable with Gaz System and TGE and integrate with SAP. Our software supports billing multiple gas supply contracts both for a single and for multiple points of delivery based on nominations and allocations. More


Industrial disaster modelling and risk management

Together with our Partner we offer a unique end-to-end risk mitigation solution for industrial facilities. The solution has three components: (1) a system which can be used to identify and model risks for specific industry facilities based on cause-and-effect logic, as well as a failure results modelling tool for the entire plant, e.g. to model the consequences of explosions, leakages or fires, (2) a 3D emergency trainer, which allows practicing operator behaviours required under specific contingencies, and (3) an emergency management module composed of checklists and facility behaviour models. More


Systems for crisis management centres

Data integration and presentation solutions are indispensable at crisis management centres,  as they integrate information obtained from a variety of sources, such as monitoring systems, fire protection systems, SCADs, alarms, linear protection systems or external data sources, e.g. weather forecasts or the information announced in the media. Their features include tools for monitoring and management of emergency response actions that involve deployment of diverse types of forces, service staff or enterprise units. The use of such systems substantially improves and facilitates coordination of such operations. More


GIS systems

GIS systems are based on geospatial maps and can support a number of business activities related to property management, such as locating property assets (including movable ones, such as rolling stock), spatial modelling, maintenance and operation of industrial installations, locating staff in hazardous zones and many other useful applications. More




Matic offers a comprehensive range of solutions for chemical and heavy industry:
Critical infrastructure and information protection

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