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Banking and insurance

Our offering for the financial industry includes a range of solutions which enable our customers to introduce new banking and insurance products and help them manage the existing customer information more effectively. They include cloud-based document management toolsets for use with digital archives and big data processing solutions. In addition, Matic is a vendor of mobile payments and mobile banking solutions with strong competence in mobile technologies.


The key solutions Matic offers to media companies include:

Protection of data processed in banking systems on mobile devices and in transaction systems

We are well aware that the security of the funds stored is of fundamental importance to banks, which is why we offer a number of security solutions for protection of information at each stage of the value chain, including both its transmission and storage. We offer security procedures and protection of information in high risk areas, such as its processing in the public cloud or on mobile devices. More

Reporting tools (BI)

We offer practical data analysis and data warehousing solutions, which give business users easy and virtually unrestricted access to their company's data. We perfectly understand the value of data reporting and aggregation logic that synthesizes the vast heterogeneous datasets — which can be of internal or external origin — and presents them as dashboards and indicators, which can then be used to draw real-life conclusions and make informed decisions that enhance the business. More


Infrastructure solutions

We optimise and virtualize hardware infrastructure, work with data centres and assist our customers in increasing performance and capacity of their IT systems based on the needs of their business applications. More

Mobile applications and mobile payments systems

Mobility changes how the customer interacts with the bank. Integration of all CRM processes using smartphones while ensuring their integration with other channels has nowadays become for financial institutions an essential means to gaining competitive edge. We assist banks and institutions in their pursuit of the vision of an integrated customer contact channel (unified customer experience) using mobile applications. We work on projects in that area hand in hand with Mobiset Services, our Partner, an expert in development and implementation of dedicated payment solutions for mobile phones. More




Matic offers a comprehensive range of solutions for banking and insurance:
Critical infrastructure and information protection
Operations technology and IT forensics

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