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Healthcare is one of Matic's key areas of business growth. We offer our solutions to hospitals, which use them to gain better control over their operations, increase the quality of services and improve performance. We also deliver dedicated telemedicine solutions and tools that enable cooperation between healthcare units and patients. Matic is one of the founders of the medical cluster in Poland.


The key solutions Matic offers to healthcare organisations include:

Reporting tools (BI)

We offer practical data analysis and data warehousing solutions, which give business users easy and virtually unrestricted access to their company's data. We perfectly understand the value of data reporting and aggregation logic that synthesizes the vast heterogeneous datasets — which can be of internal or external origin — and presents them as dashboards and indicators, which can then be used to draw real-life conclusions and make informed decisions that enhance the business. More

Digital archives

We build archives of digital information, such as documents, emails, medical equipment output data or photo resources. We digitize archives of medical documents in full compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and deliver the infrastructure and the applications for archive processing. More

Electronic mail systems

Matic implements end-to-end solutions which facilitate collaboration among medical staff, ranging from the basic email to instant messaging used by every hospital or clinic employee – including collaboration applications for mobile devices – to discussion forums, interest group communication or document repositories. More



Matic offers a comprehensive range of solutions for aviation:
Critical infrastructure and information protection
Operations technology and IT forensics

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